Digital laser measureusing for commercialhousingarea measurement

The area surveying of commercial housing is mainly divided into two stages, and the specific work during each stage are as follows:

Estimated area measurement stage:

The surveying personnel preliminarily measure and calculate the estimated area of ​​the house based on the architectural design drawings and other relevant materials. This step is carried out before or during the construction of the building, with the purpose of providing a preliminary reference data for real estate development and sales.

Completed area measurement stage:

Indoor measurement: After the house is completed, the surveying personnel use advanced equipment such as digital laser measure instruments to conduct detailed indoor measurements, including the length, width and height of the house. These data are used to calculate the actual internal area of ​​the house.

Public building area measurement: At the same time, the surveying personnel also need to measure the public area such as stairwells and elevators. The area of these parts accounts for an important proportion of the total construction area, which affects the final calculation result of the commercial housing area.

Surveying methods and technologies

Digital laser measure instrument: They are commonly used in modern house area surveying and mapping. It has high precision and easy operation, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of surveying and mapping.

Data recording and processing: After the measurement is completed, the surveying and mapping personnel record all the measurement data, and use special software for data processing and calculation to draw the house surveying map.

Other surveying and mapping work

In addition to the basic area measurement, it also includes investigating and recording the coordinates of the property boundary points, the house boundary, the land location, the house boundary and its accessories, and finally draws a complete real estate surveying map.

The results of real estate measurement provide important data support for real estate development and utilization, property management, tax collection, etc.

Through these two stages of surveying and mapping work, the accuracy of house area measurement is ensured, providing reliable data support for real estate transactions and management.