Nivel De Laser

Nivel De Laser

A great nivel de laser boasts essential features like high accuracy (measured in millimeters per meter), and self-leveling capabilities.

Unlike traditional bubble levels or single-line lasers, a 12-line laser level emits multiple laser beams simultaneously, covering a broader area with unparalleled precision

Multi-Line Projection: Nivel laser 12 lineas  project 12 laser lines, enabling precise leveling horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

360-Degree Coverage: Enjoy comprehensive coverage with a 360-degree projection range, ideal for large-scale projects and room layouts.

High Accuracy: Achieve accuracy within a fraction of a millimeter over long distances, ensuring error-free alignments.

Self-Leveling Mechanism: Automatic self-leveling capabilities save time and effort, maintaining accuracy even on uneven surfaces.

Model Number QDY-3D
Accuracy ±1mm@5m
Auto-Leveling Range ±3°
Self-leveling time <5s
Light source 520nm
Power >5mW
Power supply 4000mA
Working temperature -0°C~+40°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C


The applications of a nivel de laser are vast:

Construction: Setting foundations, aligning walls.

DIY Projects: Hanging pictures, installing fixtures.

Landscaping: Leveling ground, grading slopes.


In the world of construction and DIY projects, having the right tools can make all the difference.   One such indispensable tool is the nivel de laser or laser level.

When it comes to ensuring accuracy and efficiency in leveling and alignment tasks, a nivel laser 12 lineas (12-line laser level) stands out as an indispensable companion.


How to Use a Laser Level

Place the laser level on a stable surface.

Power on and allow it to self-level.

Adjust settings (e.g., line type or rotation speed).

Use the laser beam as a guide for your task.