Digital Distance Meter

Digital Distance Meter

In the field of construction engineering, architects and engineers can use a digital distance meter to quickly and accurately measure the dimensions, distances and angles of buildings, helping them design more precise building plans and ensuring accuracy and safety during construction.

Measuring range:0.05~30m
Measuring accuracy:±3mm
Function:Single Measurement,Continuous Measurement,  Area Measurement, Data storage , Bluetooth
Power Supply:Lithium Battery
LCD Display

1 Part No. X-30
2  Measuring range  0.05~30m
3  Measuring accuracy ±3mm
4 Measurement speed 0.5~1S
5 Measurement unit m
6 Continuous measurement Yes
7 Charging Type-C
8 Battery Lithium battery
9 Laser class Class II
10 Operating temperature -5~40℃
11 Storage temperature -20~60℃
12 Weight 41g
13 Dimension 70*34*19mm
14 Bluetooth model BT04-E, double mode, support IOS, Android

In geographic information systems (GIS), digital distance measurement technology can help cartographers accurately draw maps and analyze and process geospatial data.

In the military field, digital distance meter can be used to guide missiles and drones to improve combat accuracy and efficiency.


The development of digital distance meter technology stems from the improvement and innovation of traditional measurement methods.

Traditional measurement tools are often affected by human errors, while digital distance meter equipment can achieve high-precision measurement through advanced technologies such as laser and acoustic waves, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of measurement.