Laser Meters

Laser Meters

1.Measuring range:40/60/80/100/120 meters
2.Single measurement, continuous measurement (maximum/minimum value)
3.Front benchmark, back benchmark
4.Addition measurement, subtraction measurement
5.Area, volume, trigonometric function, Pythagorean theorem measurement
6.Timing measurement
7.Data storage
8.Unit: meters, feet, inches
9.Voice function
10.USB charger

1.Voice broadcast guidance function;

2.Support various language customization;

3.The measurement is accurate and stable, and can be used by professionals;

4.With all measurement functions;

5.Basic measurement function;

6. LCD four-line display,VA reverse display;

7. Voice broadcast (customized language);

8. Compensation optical lens;

9. Built-in electronic angle sensor;

Model No.  Z-40  Z-60 Z-80 Z-100 Z-120
Measuring Range 0.05~40 0.05~60 Z-80 Z-100 Z-120
Measurement Accuracy ±1.5mm
Laser Class
Laser Diode 635nm , P<1mW
Battery life >10000 times
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+65℃

1.±1.5mm;area, volume, pythagorean, addition and subtraction, height difference;

2. 2.6 inches VA display;2*AAA;single blister;

3.Double color adhesive coating;voice broadcast ;USB charging( Ni-MH)


Professionals rely on laser meters for tasks such as:

Construction and Engineering: Precise measurement of distances for planning and executing construction projects.

Interior Design: accurately measuring room dimensions for furniture placement and layout.

Landscaping: planning outdoor spaces with accurate measurements of gardens, lawns, and pathways.


Laser meters find applications across diverse industries, including construction, architecture, real estate, landscaping, and interior design.