Laser Distance Meter 100m

Laser Distance Meter 100m

1.Measuring range:40/60/80/100 meters
2.Single measurement, continuous measurement (maximum/minimum value)
3.Front benchmark, back benchmark
4.Addition measurement, subtraction measurement
5.Area, volume, Pythagorean theorem measurement
6.Timing measurement
7.Data storage
8.Unit: meters, feet, inches


1.Simple operation and convenient use;
2.Have the basic functions of measurement;
3.Meet the normal requirements of general users

The outstanding feature of laser distance meter 100m is its ultra-long measurement range. Compared with traditional measurement tools, it can cover a wider space and meet the measurement needs in various complex environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, on flat ground or at high altitude, the laser rangefinder can easily handle 100 meters, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurement.

In addition, laser distance meter 100m also has the advantages of versatility and digital management.

Model Number Y-40 Y-60 Y-80 Y-100
Measurement Range 0.05~40M 0.05~60M 0.05~80M 0.05~100M
Measurement Accuracy ±2mm
Laser Class
Laser Diode 635nm , P<1mW
Battery Life >10000 times
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -25℃~+65℃
Weight 125g

The laser distance meter 100m can not only measure distance, but also angle, volume, area and other parameters, meeting various measurement needs in the architectural design and construction process.


At the same time, laser distance meter 100m can record and store measurement data in a digital form, which facilitates subsequent data analysis, management and use, and improves datavisualization and management efficiency.


The laser distance meter 100m, as a breakthrough measurement tool, plays an important role in construction, engineering and other fields.

It can not only carry out accurate distance measurement in a wider range, but also has the characteristics of convenience and efficiency, making it a powerful tool in the field of modern measurement.