Laser Distance Measuring

Laser Distance Measuring

1. ±1.5mm;area, volume, pythagorean, addition and subtraction

2. Height difference; 2.3 inches display ; 3*AAA;

3. single blister; double color adhesive coating

4. voice broadcast;1800mAh lithium battery

  1. Measuring range is optional;
  2. Accurate and stable distance measurement
  3. Built-in lithium battery
Model R-50 R-70 R-100
Measuring Range 0.05~50M 0.05~70M 0.05~70M
Measurement Accuracy ±2mm
Laser Class
Battery Life >10000 times
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+65℃


The Power of Laser Distance Measuring:

Imagine swiftly and accurately measuring distances, areas, and volumes with just the click of a button.

Laser distance measuring tools utilize laser technology to determine the precise distance between two points, providing measurements in seconds

1.Measuring range:50/70/100 meters
2.Single measurement,continuous measurement (maximum/minimum value)
3.Front benchmark,back benchmark
4.Addition measurement,subtraction measurement
5.Area,volume,Pythagorean theorem measurement
6.Timing measurement
7.Data storage
8.Unit: meters,feet,inches
9.Built-in lithium battery


Traditional measurement tools may be affected by the environment and human factors, while Laser distance measuring tools measure through laser beams and can achieve a high degree of precision and accuracy, whether indoor or outdoor measurements can be easily completed.