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HOLO is an qualified manufacturer of laser instruments with innovative technology and strict quality management.

Our products are not only apply to construction, road-works and interior decoration, but also to the industry of mapping, machining positioning, large-scale equipment installation and hydraulic installation. They will be your best choices to improve construction efficiency and replacing traditional tools.


Since established, HOLO has been attaching great attention to cultivating talents, and now we own an excellent R&D team with innovative, technical and experienced engineers. We are constantly expanding the application in visible laser and have achieved a lot of achievements. We provide our customers high quality products by implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system, reliability tests and FMEA assessment.


Our products have passed ROHS,CE ,FDA and FCC certifications and been quite popular in overseas markets. Moreover, our domestic market share is also growing quickly.


Holo promises to serve every client with professional skills, great passion and true love!

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