How to use laser distance meter in building construction?

Building surveying is the first and most important process in construction. With the development of society, there are more and more high-rise buildings. In the construction and subsequent floor decoration process, the measurement of building height, the distance between two points, area, and the use of materials and structural deviation of floors are all related to the safety of the entire floor building. The most commonly used measuring tools currently include various types of laser distance meters, infrared distance meters, long-range distance meters , telescopes, etc. By using these measurement tools, it is possible to reduce measurement time while making measurements more accurate. Laser distance meters launched by HOLO has been successfully applied in various construction industries due to its outstanding performance.

The laser distance meter emits a ultra-bright laser beam towards the target during operation, and the photoelectric element receives the reflected laser beam from the target. The timer measures the time from the laser beam to the receiving point and calculates the distance from the observer to the target.

Its double-layer injection molded, anti-slip rubber design provides users with a comfortable grip. In addition, the compact and lightweight appearance of this laser distance meter and the “integrated measurement and aiming” design align the laser and line of sight, greatly reducing the error between the laser emission point and the line of sight, making the measurement results more accurate.

The large backlight display screen of this laser distance meter allows users to easily read measurement data while aiming at the target with their eyes. In addition, the laser distance meter is simple and safe to use, requiring only one person to operate without the need for other tools (such as ladders) to complete all measurement work. Even difficult to access location can be easily handled, thus minimizing the occurrence of injury accidents.

This laser distance meter can be applied to various construction projects, such as measuring various distances, areas, and volumes in the construction industry, locating template positions, calculating concrete casting quantities and others. The decoration company utilizes its fast and accurate positioning and installation of light steel keel. In the telecommunications industry, this laser distance meter can be used to complete various measurement tasks required for cable and wire installation work. When installing electromechanical equipment, this laser distance meter can ensure that the length of the pipeline is consistent with the installation length, ensuring that materials are not wasted.

In addition, in addition to being applicable to the construction industry, this laser distance meter can also be used in golf courses, fire protection systems, construction survey and design; network planning, survey and design, power sector measurement, surveying and mapping, and so on.