The most recommended laser distance meter manufacturer in 2024


In the field of precise measurement, laser distance meter has become an indispensable tool for engineers, architects and DIY enthusiasts with its efficiency and accuracy. Many brands on the market have launched products with different functions and performance. This article introduces several laser distance meter manufacturer to you: 1.Leica A Swiss brand founded in 1841, Leica is […]

How to choose the best green line laser distance meter ?


The green line laser has a wavelength of 520-570nm, a higher power, and generally performs better than the red laser. The green line laser beam is thinner than the red laser, and can accurately measure at a longer distance, which is suitable for occasions that require high precision. In addition, the green line laser has […]

Which measuring instruments are commonly used on construction sites?


1.Leveling device Leveling device is an instrument that establishes a horizontal line of sight to measure the height difference between two points on the ground. Through the cooperation of the main components such as the telescope, tube level (or compensator), vertical axis, base, and foot screw, the height difference between ground points can be measured. […]

Digital laser measureusing for commercialhousingarea measurement


The area surveying of commercial housing is mainly divided into two stages, and the specific work during each stage are as follows: Estimated area measurement stage: The surveying personnel preliminarily measure and calculate the estimated area of ​​the house based on the architectural design drawings and other relevant materials. This step is carried out before or during […]

Construction lasers for sale : a powerful assistant in the modern construction industry


The modern construction industry increasingly relies on high-tech equipment to improve work efficiency and quality. As one of the key tools, construction lasers play a vital role in site measurement, layout and positioning. The following introduces their applications in the construction industry. Application areas: 1. Civil construction: Construction lasers can be used for foundation measurement, […]

Application and Advantages of Digital Laser Meters


Digital laser meters are devices that use laser technology to measure distances. They are widely used in various fields. The following are the functions and advantages of digital laser meters: 1. High-precision measurement: Digital laser meters use laser technology to measure, with high precision and high reliability, and can accurately measure the target distance, usually […]

Introduction to laser level with measurement function


Laser level is a commonly used tool for horizontal measurement in fields such as construction and decoration. The laser level with measurement function further enhances its practicality and versatility. The following is an introduction to laser level with measurement function: 1. Accurate horizontal measurement: Laser level with measurement function can provide accurate horizontal lines to […]

Advantages of Green Laser Level


Green laser level is an efficient and accurate tool that provides great convenience for professionals in the fields of construction, decoration, etc. Here are several advantages of green laser level: 1. More obvious visibility: Compared with traditional red laser level, the laser of green laser level is brighter and clearer, and can be clearly seen […]

Outdoor laser level with receiver: powerful assistants for precision construction


The working principle of the outdoor laser level with receiver is to use the laser transmitter to emit laser, the receiver receives the laser and measures its height, and determines the position of the horizontal line by comparing the difference between the actual height and the preset height. Laser levels are highly accurate and stable, allowing […]